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Teeth Whitening at Inglewood House Dental Practice.

Many people now want to maximise the potential of their smile, a simple way to enhance your appearance is by having your teeth whitened. This treatment will give you the confidence to smile more, showing healthy brighter teeth.


We recommend home whitening because it is the most effective way to get a sustained result and offers better value for money than in-surgery options. At Inglewood House, we create bespoke customer-made trays for our patients, so they fit effortlessly, making it easy and comfortable to carry out the whitening treatment at home.

Teeth Whitening Manchester

How it works


Before prescribing whitening gel treatment, we would assess your suitability, discuss sensitivity and lifestyle, and then recommend the best option for you during a free consultation. If suitable, we would perform a shade test and give realistic advice on the shade change you could expect to achieve.


Your first application of gel would be administered in surgery to give you guidance on how to administer it at home. We offer a thorough treatment service for our whitening patients, including a free review appointment to check you are making good progress at home.

Important notice:


We only recommend visiting a dental practice for teeth whitening. Beware of low cost options found online or in salons. It is illegal. Only a Dentist is insured and qualified to prescribe and perform teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Manchester

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