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General Dentistry Manchester

General Dentistry at Inglewood House Dental Practice.

Although our expertise is in creating beautiful smiles with the magic of cosmetic dentistry we also offer high quality general dentistry including root canal treatment, fillings and extractions.

White fillings Manchester

Tooth coloured fillings


We appreciate the medical and aesthetic concerns that many people have about metal-based fillings. We practice amalgam-free dentistry and commonly replace old metal fillings with resin-composite fillings that are colour-matched to blend in perfectly with your natural teeth.

Root canal treatment


Root canal treatment involves removing damaged or dead nerves tissue and blood vessels in the root of the tooth that have become infected due to decay or trauma. The space left is then filled with a material that seals the tooth and keeps it functioning as before.

Root Canal Manchester

Wisdom tooth extraction


Wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. If these impacted teeth are in an abnormal position, food and bacteria can collect under the gum causing a local infection, pain, swelling and bad breath. If these symptoms are severe and frequent then the wisdom teeth may need to be removed.

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