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Dental Bridges Manchester

Dental Bridges at Inglewood House Dental Practice.

When a tooth is missing or lost leaving a gap, a bridge can be placed using crowns on the teeth next to the gap to hold a false tooth in place. At Inglewood House in Whitefield we use only the highest quality dental materials to fabricate well fitted dental bridges. Our dentists work closely with our dental technician at every stage of fabrication of a bridge to help achieve natural looking, functional teeth that are often cosmetically indistinguishable from surrounding natural teeth.

Dental Bridges Manchester

Benefits of bridges:

  • Can be a permanent alternative to dentures

  • Help restore and maintain the way you bite

  • Prevent unnatural stress on other teeth

  • Distribute forces more evenly on teeth during chewing

  • Prevent drifting and tilting of teeth

  • Improve function and efficiency of dentures

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