Nervous Patients Dentistry Manchester

Nervous Patients and Sedation at Inglewood House Dental Practice.

Many people are nervous about dental appointments and will delay treatment that they need or desire, due to fears and anxieties which are often linked to bad experiences. We are able to help many nervous patients overcome their fear of the dentist with our caring and compassionate approach. Many patients who come to us with fears comment that they had simply needed to find the right dentist, and that they feel completely at ease at Inglewood House.

Intravenous sedation is available when performing dental implant treatment for particularly nervous patients. An Anaesthetist will control the sedation throughout the procedure.

During treatment patients feel drowsy and are unaware of treatment but can co-operate with the dental team. Patients describe the procedure as having a calming, comforting effect whilst remaining in full control. By inducing a pleasurable feeling, sedation can also help control discomfort associated with the treatment and following treatment patients often comment that they feel refreshed.

If you are nervous about dentistry and would like to book an appointment to discuss your anxieties or the possibility of treatment under sedation feel free to give us a call and we would look forward to answering all your needs and concerns.