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Cerec Crowns & Veneers

Ten Years of Beautiful Smiles!

Inglewood House Dental Practice is delighted to be celebrating it’s tenth anniversary.  The last ten years have seen the dental practice grow from a three surgery practice, to a six surgery practice.  Our treatment offering has been expanded throughout the ten years to include:

– Invisalign teeth straightening

– Traditional orthodontics

– Implants performed on site

– Cerec crowns and veneers in just one visit

– Botox and other facial rejuvenation treatments

– Teeth whitening

– Digital scanning for Invisalign and restorative work

– Hyperhydrosis treatment

Who knows what new innovations will be an everyday part of our practice in ten year’s time?  We are very excited to find out and we hope that our wonderful team and fabulous patients will continue to support us into the next decade …

Stop Under-Arm Perspiration

Katie has kindly allowed us to spread the good news once again about how effective this treatment is.  She feels it has changed her life because she now has more confidence and isn’t restricted in the way she once was. 

Katie said, ‘I had tried so many treatments from off-the-counter painful deoderants to other more expensive options, but this Botox treatment really works and lasts for around six months, which means I can forget about it and get on with enjoying myself. It is worth every penny and more.’

Perhaps now is the time you tried Botox whilst the offer is still on and save £250! 

Save £100 on Underarm Botox treatment

There are still a couple of hyperhidrosis treatments available at the discounted fee of only £300.  This treatment hardly hurt much at all according to patients whom have had it at the practice.  If you need a little reassurance about the effectivenss of this treatment, then read on…

We are always delighted to receive your words of gratitude, and on this occasion, the benefit the patient has received is worth sharing.  Katie Hodgson is a working mum, like many of us.  She spends her days rushing between the school run, the office, after-school activities etc. fighting the clock and getting hot and flustered  in the process.  She was anxious about the thought of getting hot and sweaty in public, her Doctor put her on Beta Blockers but she was concerned that she didn’t think this was a suitable long-term solution.  A friend suggested Botox could help and after some research she took the plunge.

Our patient thanked us saying, ‘I’m over the moon, I never think twice about what I can wear and don’t need a cover-up cardigan, let the sun shine!’ Our patient had the simple and quick underarm Botox injections and thinks ‘it’s the best kept secret, what a confidence boost!’  She has genereously allowed us to reprint her comments in order that other people can stop worrying about this common problem.

The practice has offered a saving od £100 off this treatment for the first ten patients, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call or email us for a free consultation.