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Whitefield’s First Farmer’s Market

To find out more about the very first Farmer’s Market in Whitefield, being held on  Sunday 28th November from 9.30am until 2.30pm click on the pdf at the end of this article. 

To support this event, Inglewood House Dental Practice is offering 20% off its Botox® and dermal filler treatments.  Offer ends 31st January and only applies to facial treatment patients who are new to the practice.

Whitefield Farmers Market 2010 Information Leaflet

NeoStrata® Skincare Range Now Available at the Practice

NeoStrata® skincare products provide unbeatable results for a huge range of skin conditions from the usual suspects such as dark circles around the eyes, to aging skin to achne and more …  The range incorporates varying degrees of AHAs to ensure the best possible results whilst being sensitive to your individual skin type and needs.

The products are competitively priced in line with leading cosmetic brands, but NeoStrata® offers a clinically advanced approach and the results speak for themselves.  To help promote this new range we have trial size samples available so you can see the difference for yourself.

Dr. Ian Dorrington has completed the NeoStrata® skincare training programme to ensure he is fully aware  the products available and can match the right product to our patients’ needs.  If you would like to find out more or discuss your needs please book in for a free chat with Dr. Ian Dorrington.

Botox receives MHRA License as Migraine Treatment in UK

Allergan has received MHRA license for Botox in the UK for the preventative treatment of headaches in adults who have chronic migraine.*

Allergan claimed that the current license is the first license worldwide of Botox for this indication, and is also the first prophylactic (preventative) treatment to receive a specific license for patients with chronic migraine.

In the trial, the patients treated with Botox experienced fewer headache days compared to those patients treated with placebo.

Allergan said that the patients treated with Botox had major improvement from baseline in their quality of life scores (MSQ scores) and in the amount of headache related disability (HIT6 scores) compared with those on placebo, indicating significant improvement in patients functioning, vitality, psychological distress, and overall quality of life.

Scott Whitcup, executive vice president of R&D and chief scientific officer of Allergan, said: “The authorisation of Botox marks an evolution in medical care for the prevention of headache in adults with chronic migraine. It is also a significant milestone in the history of Botox and Allergan is proud to advance novel treatments in the field of neurology through our neurosciences research programme.”

Peter Goadsby, professor of UCL- Institute of Neurology, London and University of California, San Francisco, said: “Botox treatment has been shown to reduce the frequency of headache/migraine, which can bring important benefits for patients.”

Dr. Ian Dorrington is both qualified and insured to provide Botox at the practice, so book in for a free consultation to find out more.  Simply call 0161 766 4506 and ask for Emma, our Treatment Co-ordinator.

* Chronic migraine is defined as a patient having headaches at least 15 days per month of which at least 8 days are with migraine.

Source: Pharmaceutical Business Review website

‘Your practice’s professionalism was evident from the first (teeth whitening) consultation’

‘I am writing to thank you for the recent teeth whitening treatment I had at your surgery. The practice’s professionalism was evident from the first consultation appointment, during which I was made aware of all the considerations and my dental health was clearly of importance to the team. I didn’t feel like I was being sold teeth whitening whether suitable or not. The whitening treatment took just over an hour and I left with a super white smile, I couldn’t help but show it off.’ Mrs Smith of Rochdale

‘My Whiter Teeth Have Given Me So Much Confidence to Smile’

We asked our most recent teeth whitening patient if she would be happy for us to post a quick comment about her teeth whitening at Inglewood House Dental Practice and she said…

‘My whiter teeth have given me so much confidence to smile again.  I used to hide my teeth behind my hand when talking to people  – it is a habit I am trying really hard to break.  Now I am proud of my healthy-looking smile.  I am glad I chose Inglewood House as I felt so much safer having the treatment at a dental practice rather than a salon or hair dressers, because they were genuinely interested in my sensitivity issues and they provided free home-whitening trays made to fit me, and gel to top up with when I need to.  So I got expert treatment and a great free gift.’

This patient took advantage of our special offer by booking to have her whitening treatment on a Tuesday, saving £100.  To find out more information or to book a free consultation simply call 0161 766 4506.

Why Brushing Your Teeth Can Help You Live Longer

BRUSHING your teeth could save your life. Failing to clean them properly leaves people at a higher risk of heart attacks, a study has found. 

If bacteria found on teeth and gums are not cleaned off they can get into the bloodstream and ­trigger clots. A sure danger sign is bleeding gums. 

Professor Howard Jenkinson, of Bristol University’s department of oral and dental science, said: “Poor dental hygiene can lead to bleeding gums, providing bacteria with an escape route into the bloodstream, where they can initiate blood clots leading to heart disease. 

People need to be aware that as well as keeping a check on their diet, blood pressure, cholesterol and fitness levels, they also need to maintain good dental hygiene to minimise their risk of heart problems.”  

The professor led a research team whose findings he will present at the Society for General Microbiology’s autumn meeting in Nottingham today.

Once in the bloodstream the bacteria can form a clot that could prove fatal.

An earlier study found people who rarely brush their teeth are 70 per cent more likely to get heart disease, which kills 200,000 Britons a year.

Source:  The Daily Express newspaper, 6th September 2010

‘I would recommend a dental implant over crowns or dentures any day.’

Mrs Robinson of Whitefield, has kindly offered to share her experience of recently having a dental implant fitted at Inglewood House…

 ‘I have benefited from a few types of cosmetic dental treatment over a number of years at Inglewood House.  Dr. Caroline Culshaw is my Dentist and she has provided me with excellent routine dental care as well as Cerec crowns which were and still are super, really natural in their appearance and they fit perfectly.  It is thanks to her advice and support that I have taken the plunge to have a dental implant fitted.

Previously I was wearing a denture which I could not get used to and I was nervous about the prospect of wearing it for the rest of my life.  The implant procedure was no big deal; I had anticipated far worse and was pleasantly surprised by the relative ease of the whole thing.  Having it fitted at the practice rather than having to travel to see a Specialist whom I didn’t know was I huge plus as I trust Inglewood House and felt comfortable in familiar surroundings and the family ownership of the dental practice.  I am looking forward to having a crown secured to the implant and feeling care-free again.  I would recommend a dental implant over crowns or dentures any day.’

Mrs Robinson is one of many patients whom have made the decision to treat themselves to the best in dental technology by choosing dental implants over traditional dentures or crowns.  The benefits make it by far the preferred treatment of choice.  To find out more about dental implants, whether you would be suitable and how much the treatment would cost just book a free consultation with our Treatment Co-ordinator. Telephone 0161 766 4506 and ask for your free implants consultation.

98% of NHS Patients are Satisfied

We are delighted with our recent NHS patient survey* results which concluded that 98% of our NHS patients questioned by Bury PCT were satisifed with the high standard of dental care and service provided by the practice.  This high NHS statistic confirms our commitment to our Practice Philosposhy, which states that,

‘We aim to treat every patient with the respect and attention they deserve, ensuring we provide an exceptional quality of dental care and personal service, so that every patient is delighted with their unique smile and the power it beholds.’  

*Survey findings reported in March 2010 by NHS (Bury PCT).

‘Inglewood House is the best for Invisalign!’

Mrs Dugdale has given us some flattering feedback after completing her Invisalign teeth straightening treatment at the practice.  Here are her comments… 

‘Being a Dental Hygienist, it has been my life-long ambition to have lovely straight teeth and I can now finally say that I have achieved it with the help of Dr. Dorrington at Inglewood House Dental Practice.  He advised me about Invisalign, a super alternative to metal braces, which was perfect for me as I did not want to be wearing traditional braces at my age. 
This treatment has been wonderful, it is virtually invisible, so no-one need know you are straightening your teeth, but I have told lots of people about it as I am delighted with it! 
Inglewood House Dental Practice has two Dentists both doing Invisalign so I knew I was in safe hands with experienced clinicians.  Plus, being a Dental Hygienist myself, I know a good dental practice when I see one and Inglewood House is the best.’

Save £100 on Underarm Botox treatment

There are still a couple of hyperhidrosis treatments available at the discounted fee of only £300.  This treatment hardly hurt much at all according to patients whom have had it at the practice.  If you need a little reassurance about the effectivenss of this treatment, then read on…

We are always delighted to receive your words of gratitude, and on this occasion, the benefit the patient has received is worth sharing.  Katie Hodgson is a working mum, like many of us.  She spends her days rushing between the school run, the office, after-school activities etc. fighting the clock and getting hot and flustered  in the process.  She was anxious about the thought of getting hot and sweaty in public, her Doctor put her on Beta Blockers but she was concerned that she didn’t think this was a suitable long-term solution.  A friend suggested Botox could help and after some research she took the plunge.

Our patient thanked us saying, ‘I’m over the moon, I never think twice about what I can wear and don’t need a cover-up cardigan, let the sun shine!’ Our patient had the simple and quick underarm Botox injections and thinks ‘it’s the best kept secret, what a confidence boost!’  She has genereously allowed us to reprint her comments in order that other people can stop worrying about this common problem.

The practice has offered a saving od £100 off this treatment for the first ten patients, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call or email us for a free consultation.