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‘Inglewood House is the best for Invisalign!’

Mrs Dugdale has given us some flattering feedback after completing her Invisalign teeth straightening treatment at the practice.  Here are her comments… 

‘Being a Dental Hygienist, it has been my life-long ambition to have lovely straight teeth and I can now finally say that I have achieved it with the help of Dr. Dorrington at Inglewood House Dental Practice.  He advised me about Invisalign, a super alternative to metal braces, which was perfect for me as I did not want to be wearing traditional braces at my age. 
This treatment has been wonderful, it is virtually invisible, so no-one need know you are straightening your teeth, but I have told lots of people about it as I am delighted with it! 
Inglewood House Dental Practice has two Dentists both doing Invisalign so I knew I was in safe hands with experienced clinicians.  Plus, being a Dental Hygienist myself, I know a good dental practice when I see one and Inglewood House is the best.’

Save £100 on Underarm Botox treatment

There are still a couple of hyperhidrosis treatments available at the discounted fee of only £300.  This treatment hardly hurt much at all according to patients whom have had it at the practice.  If you need a little reassurance about the effectivenss of this treatment, then read on…

We are always delighted to receive your words of gratitude, and on this occasion, the benefit the patient has received is worth sharing.  Katie Hodgson is a working mum, like many of us.  She spends her days rushing between the school run, the office, after-school activities etc. fighting the clock and getting hot and flustered  in the process.  She was anxious about the thought of getting hot and sweaty in public, her Doctor put her on Beta Blockers but she was concerned that she didn’t think this was a suitable long-term solution.  A friend suggested Botox could help and after some research she took the plunge.

Our patient thanked us saying, ‘I’m over the moon, I never think twice about what I can wear and don’t need a cover-up cardigan, let the sun shine!’ Our patient had the simple and quick underarm Botox injections and thinks ‘it’s the best kept secret, what a confidence boost!’  She has genereously allowed us to reprint her comments in order that other people can stop worrying about this common problem.

The practice has offered a saving od £100 off this treatment for the first ten patients, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call or email us for a free consultation.

Mr Warren of Manchester Recommends Us for Dental Implants & Dentures

 ‘I came to Inglewood House having been recommended by a friend who attends the practice.  I have to say that I too am now recommending the practice to people as the service I have received has far exceeded that of my previous practice, which charged considerably higher fees!  I had dental implants fitted ten years ago and wanted a new denture to be secured to the implants and Dr. Rob Dorrington has done a great job.  It fits perfectly, looks natural and is secure – I forget I am wearing a denture at all.  I would certainly recommend that anyone wishing to have dentures and/or implants should visit Inglewood House as this practice would take some beating!’

Mr Warren of Manchester

The Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits to having dental implants, but here is a short list to give you a better idea.

  • Dental implants can help to improve your overall quality of life, for the rest of your life
  • You can enjoy your favourite foods & eat a varied diet, keeping you healthy for longer 
  • Resolves the problems of pain and discomfort caused by removable dentures. 
  • Shifting, slipping and ‘chatter’ caused by dentures are eliminated 
  • Allows you to speak naturally and feel like yourself 
  • Helps to keep your own teeth strong and in correct position by supporting bone 
  • Prevents bone loss and the typical changing shape to the chin and lips
  • Helps you to maintain a youthful appearance and inner confidence

Dental implants are not the cheapest solution, but they are the best.  Some patients come to us having invested in numerous pairs of dentures only to find that they are still suffering from many of the above problems.  Dental implants are a secure solution to tooth loss that works.  If you want to find out whether you would be suitable for dental implants then get in touch and come and see us for a free consultation.  We offer interest free credit and you may be able to save 20% off the price of the dental implants treatment.

Smile – it’s infectious. No, it really is!

A laugh can be infectious. You probably do not need a sophisticated study to tell you that, but just in case you do, new research from James Fowler of UC San Diego and Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School shows that a smile travels not only from one person to another, but even to people up to three degrees removed.  Furthermore, Mr Fowler says, ‘Happiness travels more robustly than unhappiness.’  So go on smile, it’s infectious.

Cerec Natural Crowns & Veneers In One Visit

The Latest Technology at our Fingertips

Many of our patients will not be aware of the fact that we can produce our own inlays and crowns for you at the practice without the assistance of a dental laboratory.  Those of you who see Dr. Culshaw for your routine examinations or treatment may have seen a small machine in her surgery and thought little of it.  It is actually a milling unit that precision cuts inlays and crowns according to the exact measurements compiled by your Dentist using computer aided design (CAD) technology. 

Some of the benefits of our investment in this exclusive equipment include:

The end of the dreaded impressions!  Most patient dislike the moment when the Dentist fills their mouth with a putty-like substance which has to remain in situ for a few minutes until it sets at which point the Dentist then has to prise it from their teeth.  Instead, Cerec inlays and crowns are developed using images taken from an intra-oral camera.  These images of the surrounding area are used to calculate the exact contour and dimensions needed for the inlay or crown to be a perfect fit. 

No need for temporary inlays or crowns to be worn!  These are often not aesthetically pleasing nor are they very reliable, but conventional procedures required patients to put up with temporary inlay or crown for around two weeks until the dental laboratory had made and delivered their new inlay or crown to the practice.  Now you can have the preparation and fit in just one visit, less time off work and a quicker solution to your needs.

No need for metal!  Cerec inlays and crowns are made from porcelain and include absolutely no metal at all.  This helps to create their more natural appearance as there is no metal post to show through and all those health-conscious patients can rest assured that their bodies will remain metal-free.

So, if you are considering having an old crown replaced or you have large unsightly fillings then Cerec inlays or crowns may be the answer to your problems.   Inlays help to preserve the life of your own teeth, which also saves you money in the long-run!  You may be surprised to know that Cerec restorations are priced very competitively and in most cases are actually cheaper than average laboratory work , so please ask whether you can benefit from this technology.

For more information ask your Dentist or book a free consultation with our Treatment Co-ordinator.